Soloist and Chamber Musician

By the age of six I had already discovered my ambition to become a recorder player. Today I perform with selected chamber music players throughout Europe.

My programmes are characterised by their broad range (from medieval to avant-garde) and the wide variety of my fellow-musicians.

I specialise in introducing the music too.  The spoken word creates a special rapport with the public. The audience‘s enjoyment goes beyond the pure listening experience.



Lecturer for Recorder

As a lecturer at the Herforder Hochschule für Kirchenmusik, what particularly fascinates me is my role in training future musicians - passing the torch on to a new generation, as it were.

Students at Herford learn to play the recorder and also how to lead chamber recorder orchestras and to integrate the instrument‘s repertoire into chamber music and cantata practice.
We look closely at the organisation of church services and working with existing recorder groups in the parish.